sabato 26 novembre 2016

mFortune launches no-reel slot Hansel & Gretel

mFortune Online Casino, one of the thousand most inspirational companies in the U.K. according to the London Stock Exchange Group, is an online casino specializing in slot machines and award-winning poker and bingo games. The company's development team creates all their gaming software in-house, which means that mFortune has a unique offering in the casino sector.

Launched in 2007, mFortune has a mobile-first philosophy and all their games are free to download and play on mobile, as well as on their website. The casino has more than 20 original slots games in its roster this winter, in addition to blackjack, European roulette, two poker variants in Texas Hold'em, hi-lo poker and bingo.

There's some indication that physical casinos will need to change their business model to appeal to the next generation of players but online gambling remains a growth industry according to Statista, with global income in the region of $46 billion (£37 billion) forecasted for 2016, an increase of $16 billion (£13 billion) from 2011.

The sector is likely to post growth of 11% per year until 2020. That said, a lack of innovation in slot machines has produced a general decline in the popularity of the pastime among all but the over 55s.

However, mFortune's constant investment in development and innovation is already bucking that declining trend in an area of casino that's hungry for change. Hansel & Gretel is no exception with its unique twist on reels.

Despite the absence of the traditional reels, Hansel & Gretel is still recognizably a slots game, and easy to pick up by veterans or newcomers as a consequence. The distinction is in the fact that the symbols, which are themed around wildlife, chocolaty treats and forestry items, fall from cartoon trees instead.

The art style is definitely a highlight — mFortune's game artist cited a need to contrast the "grotesquely cute with the macabre […] so, naturally, the art features a mix of teddy bears, puppies, axes, landmines, and killer bees." There's also a stark contrast between the innocent, doe-eyed protagonists and the haggard old witch.